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The Dividend Homes Sales Representative was our key contact and held our hand through every aspect of the home buying process, including showing us through the model home, getting us connected with a lender for financing, walking us through the closing process, and answering all our questions before and after we signed the sale contract. My family has purchased multiple properties and we can truly say that our experience with the Dividend Homes team stands out as an extremely positive experience.


Viewpoint in Mountain View

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Viewpoint in Mountain View

I had an exceptional purchasing experience at Viewpoint built by Dividend Homes. Firstly, I was impressed by the quality of the building by Dividend and found that Viewpoint homes were well featured with a central vacuum, natural finish wood floor, high ceiling, etc. My purchasing process was most smooth and flexible with the sales rep, Peggy. She was able to manage my crazy closing schedule while I was going through some financing complications. My rating for Dividend and my new home at Viewpoint is 10 out of 10.


Viewpoint in Mountain View

We chose Dividend Homes for our first home after looking at every possible townhome option in the area, old and new. The quality of their homes (both in materials and aesthetics) greatly surpassed all other options we saw. We liked how many finishes that are otherwise expensive upgrades were standards in our home. Even in the final days when we did our walkthrough, working with the construction manager confirmed how detail-oriented he and his construction crew were. Thanks again to the Dividend Homes Sales Representatives for being great resources to us throughout the buying process and for helping us move into our beautiful first home!

The Bhatias

Viewpoint in Mountain View