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BIG DIVIDENDS Homeowner Referral Program

At Dividend Homes, we know that each homeowner is someone special. So, we treat every community and residence like they are one-of-a-kind. Craftsmanship, care and superior amenities are our hallmark. This time-honored approach has earned us hundreds of satisfied homeowners.

We appreciate our special group of Dividend homeowners and express our gratitude to them for referring their friends and family with our Big Dividends Homeowner Referral Program.

Here is how it works: For each homebuyer you refer to us, we will reward you with a $2,500 referral fee when they close escrow. In turn, the homebuyer will receive a $2,500 credit to use towards options and upgrades in their new home.

To be eligible: 1) referring party must be a Dividend homeowner, 2) referring party must be present when new homebuyer visits the sales office for the first time, 3) the homebuyer must fill out a registration card at the sales office naming you as the referring party on their first visit, and 4) buying party must not have an outside agent/broker.

To learn more about helping someone own a Dividend home and how you can earn some “Big Dividends,” please call the sales office of the community to which you are interested in referring your friends and family.