Buying Your Home

Broker/Agent Policy

Dividend Homes appreciates the real estate broker and agent community. We are pleased to have both brokers/agents and potential buyers tour our communities in their hunt to find the perfect home.

In an effort to make the home buying process as smooth and enjoyable as possible we utilize a simple broker/agent policy at all of our communities.

What is the referral fee?

The broker/agent referral fee is given to brokers and agents for bringing their client (a potential buyer) to our community. The broker/agent must accompany their client on their first visit to the community sales office in order to receive a referral fee.

How much is the referral fee?

The referral fee varies by community and may be in the form of a percentage or flat fee.

How does the broker/agent register with their client?

At the time of the potential buyer’s first visit to the sales office, the broker/agent must fill out the Broker/Agent Registration Form. This registration form will be kept on file and validates that the broker/agent has registered the buyer as their client.

Note: If the buyer has visited the sales office prior to the broker/agent’s first visit with them, the broker/agent will not be allowed to register this buyer as their client.

What if we are interested in more than one Dividend community?

We are delighted to have you interested in multiple Dividend Homes communities. Please note that each community is a separate entity and has a referral fee program that is independent of other communities. The broker/agent must register with the buyer as their client at each community. Registering at one community does not mean you are automatically registered at all communities.

For specific details on the referral fee established at a particular community, please contact the community Sales Representative. The direct sales office contact information for each community can conveniently be found on the Find Your Home page.